It's new and unique: Design your own helmet

Every day we use helmets for our safety and protection during all kind of outdoor activities. You can buy them in many shapes, colors and designs.

But you are not able to create your own design. Until now! After years of development in software, printing technology and production, SAFEWAYS is worlds' first helmet maker to offer you this unique concept.

We are ready to start

As off today you can design your helmet all by yourself. High quality helmets for cycling, riding and skating with proven fit and comfort, for a great Kickstarter discounted price.

A helmet in your style, unique in the world. We successfully completed the first hundreds of helmets and now we are now ready to take off.


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Support us, order your helmet today at a real discounted price

Safeways Helmets want to expand the range with new models for amongst others, ski as a stretch goal for all our backers and start our dedicated production line.We need your support. Give our start a boost, the kickstart, that we need.Become the first to have a unique custom made personalized helmet at a real discounted price.

Get your discount and more information about our project:

Highest quality, numerous possibilities

Highest quality, numerous possibilities

Just 4 steps to get your own customized helmet, it's ease and fun

Choose your model and size

Start designing or choose a design to moderate

Your custom designed helmet is produced

Unwrap your new life style mate after 30 days

Select your helmet


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